St James’s Church is at the heart of the Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir conservation area. It is a Grade II listed building embodying and containing many unique survivals of the history of the village and its relationship to the Belvoir estate.

It is the third church building to serve the community of Woolsthorpe since the medieval period. The current structure was designed by G G  Place in the 1840s and finally completed with the construction of the tower in 1893. We are told that the Ecclesiologist journal approved of the design at the time.

The building contains an elaborate Victorian decorative scheme, designed by Lady Adeliza Manners of Belvoir Castle. Some of this has been painted over, and much has been lost recently due to the deterioration of the internal plaster. Further connections to the Manners family include the two Dukes of Rutland memorialised in the building. Views to and from Belvoir Castle provide another tangible link to the estate which has historically been served by the village. The village remains an important feature of the Belvoir estate.

As a local landmark the building is particularly significant. The quality of its construction, the separately listed railings and gate to the churchyard, and the well-proportioned tower distinguish this building as the architectural gem of the village. The use of ironstone is typical of the Vale area.Content for this page will follow in due course.

The Church is open daily, during daylight hours, for visiting, prayer or quiet reflection.

If you are considering a wedding, please go to this page-https://www.wggv-churches.org.uk/contact-us/weddings/

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Today St James is clasified as a Festival Chuch, which means that it only holds services on:

Christmas Eve-Crib service-for all the family


St James' Day 25th July each year

Harvest Festival

Remembrance Day

Group Service at some time during the year

There are also special events that occur so for more details of anything happening at St James' church in Woolsthorpe-by-Blevoir please contact the churchwarden Mark 

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